Kid behind this

  • Was born in Jakarta, Indonesia. October the 2nd, year 1997.
  • First daughter of two children. I have one sister.
  • Got one mother, and one father.
  • A female.
  • Proud Muslim. 
  • Medium height kid
  • Not fat, not thin either.
  • Got a dark brown hair which is glowing brown if sunray hit it.
  • Got brown eyes.
  • A Piano player.
  • My favorite food is pizza.
  • My favorite drinks are Milo, and strawberry milkshakes or iceblended chocolate.
  • My favorite ice cream flavours are cookies and cream, chocolate chip, chocolate, strawberry and vanilla
  • My favorite snack is Oreo.
  • My favorite colour is green and blue.
  • Adoring cats so much.
  • A beatboxer, rapper, dancer, pianist, and a singer of a club.
  • Really wanted to learn Guitar, and Drum.
  • Anti smokers.
  • I am a student of 51 Senior High School, Jakarta. Currently graduated from 223 Junior High School, Jakarta, and Pekayon 18 Elementary School, Jakarta.
  • A Potterhead.
  • I'm not a copycat. I got inspirations from everybody, and modify it better, somehow.
  • I can play football but i played it sometime.
  • I prefer basketball than football and i can play it well.
  • I love swimming and jump sport.
  • Sensitive kid.
  • I could rap fast. But not faster as George Watsky.
  • My teeth recover itself even i didn't wear a braces.
  • I fancy British boys.
  • Mostly, my talents were adapted from my father.
  • I'm doing wonderful in English lessons. Nice in Chemie. Good in Physics and Math. Standard in Biology.
  • Dislike overreacted people.
  • Dislike people who pretended to care.
  • Dislike two face people.
  • I love comedy tvshows and books.
  • High imagination fantasy movies are my things.
  • I love Penguins of Madagascar.
  • I write novels. But never finished.
  • I used to fancy Naruto Tv Shows.
  • I believe, animals could feel and talk in their minds.
  • Everytime i leaving something or throwing something, i hesitated. Did they had a feelings? Did they feel sad?
  • I like vegetables so much. But sometimes if I’m too lazy to eat.
  • I love all kind of fruits.
  • I love all kind of fishes. Especially, lele.
  • I am an autodidactsm.
  • They say i'm good at romantic sentences.
  • I rarely cries. But when I do, it is hard to stop me from sobbing.
  • I've got that one friend that stick with me since we were 11 years old.
  • I knew Indonesian, English, Arabic, and Germany languages.
  • I love British accent.
  • I'm not a K-Pop-ers. But i like F(X).
  • I dream to invented the time machine, somehow. 

I was so much enjoyed my life! It was so Amazing!!!!

And for y'all.....
Enjoy you life, dude! There was so much unlucky person want to be like you! ;)

2 komentar:

  1. hello, it was nice of you to leave comment on my blog. i liked to see the evolution of your life through the pictures. very pretty girl. ^_^
    You are so young and still so many wonderful things are waiting for you! enjoy !
    Monique xx

    1. hello, welcome...
      lol thank you Monique:)
      so pleasure you come to visit mine back! xoxo