Thanks for visiting this official blog of mine.

Big thanks for Allah SWT who has created me and makes me like this, always protecting me whenever, and helps me pass through this hard life.

For my parents, even i never said it to you, mom and dad, but i love you so much.  Thanks for everything you gave to me, supporting me, take care of me until i became like this.

For my friends, thanks for supporting me,  stay beside me, play with me and make me laugh, also became the second family for me. I always here to hear your story. Thanks for asking me to keep writing in this blog. Cheers!

For every my cat, thanks for everything. You guys always make me smile and happy whenever i'm with you. And thanks for making me laugh when I don't want to laugh, and give me happiness with your cute face. Big thanks!

For the Xeightor's crew, thank you for make me smiling everyday too! Im happy to have you all as my classmates, and thanks your jokes are the best! Thanks for gives me ideas to write some post for this blog. Haha.

Then, for my house, thanks for saving me and my laptop, also my dear modem. So that i could write this blog.

Oh ya! Don't forget the visitors and the readers. Thanks for reading. Keep cheer!

-Sincerely, Baiq Clara Dita Chairunnisa .

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